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Exclusive service for Realtors® who are looking for more appointments scheduled with Property owners/home sellers and buyers.


Excess realty team can book an appointment for you at your scheduled working hours from your current market. We use our contact list or we can work on your given contact lists in order to get you more appointments.


More appointments with potential home sellers and buyers mean more real estate transactions!!


The lives of Realtors® are filled with stress and long hours. How much easier would life be if you had a steady stream of listing appointments set up for you? In short, we will help you with a meet up where you can show your real estate skills and make your inventory bigger and helps you to grow your real estate circle.


Our Excess Appointment booking service is designed to help real estate professionals work more productively and sell more properties in today’s competitive market. Excess Realty is one of the leading appointment setting & lead generation providers for Realtors®. Our unique turn-key approach to demand generation, we understand the delicate intricacies of implementing highly successful programs for our clients.  Since we are on the front lines of communication, we recognize the importance of making a quality a first impression, this is why our US and Canada based telesales executives (who are trained by licensed real estate agents) are some of the most experienced in the industry, with years of telesales, prospecting and appointment setting experience.  High level of skill full work providing our clients with the most proficient, distinguished and professional licensed realtors in the industry.


Let us connect you with the potential party!


Excess Realty are the only brokerage in US and Canada which personally call each and every property Seller to collect all the necessary information and booking an appointment for Real Estate brokers. We have years of experience in increasing the sales figures of our clients, through our superior appointment setting and telemarketing services. We use the insights and wisdom that we have acquired over the years to simplify business for you. We use our rich experience in appointment setting and telemarketing services to drive up the number of your face to face appointments, and subsequently boost your sales.


The only brokerage in US and Canada that meticulously searches over 1000 sources every day to find home owners who want to sell their homes, empowered licensed realtors with valuable Excessive appointments ensuring they are the first to meet.


We will help you with the highest quantity and quality of property owner contact data, including missing components such as full telephone number, proprietor name, postal address, and exact location and DNC status. We are giving listing appointments to licensed realtors that can prove they have what it takes to be a Top agent. Excess Realty Personal Appointment Setting Service That Produces Results are completely Hands-Off and Risk-Free.


Want to meet up a property owner at their property address on your desired time of the day and close the deal?


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