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Excess Contracts service is exclusively for realtors who would only like to sign a listing contract. Years of experience in real estate followed by top notch real estate team have made it easy for us to identify, convince, motivate intentions and get 100% consent.  We know it’s not easy to get to the “signing a contract” without following series of communication with the property buyers and sellers, Excess Contract team and Realtors thus we are eager to do that for you.


We help realtors win contracts that they can list and probably find a buyer in 3 months timeline!


Excess Realty Contract service was designed to provide leverage to meet the needs of your business! We have options for Basic Service, as well as our Enhanced Service, providing top-level fiduciary leverage.  Both allow you to spend your time on revenue-generating activities. Leave the hassle and stress of the details for contract-to-close, buyer contract writing, listing agreement preparation, and launching your listings to market to us while you devote your energy to generating new contacts and strengthening your relationships with clients.


Let us help you find a contact who would want to sign a contract with you!


It’s both exciting and tough negotiating a real estate listing contract. Once it’s signed by the sellers, realtors can relax a bit, but we can’t. There are still more arrangement, document deliveries, examination, title details and mortgage tasks to be accomplished to achieve a successful closings. We not only bring business to the table but advice what to do next with it!


Excess contract team is problem solvers who work directly with clients to assess the facts and create contracts that clearly explain the rights and obligations of every party. Whether you’re an individual homeowner or a large-scale commercial real estate investor, Excess Realty will address your needs and goals with detailed attention with an open mind. Getting everything done from negotiating on property value comparing it with market value and get you all set for the signing a listing contract where you just have to appear next to the party and potentially sign a listing contract.


Excess Realty lets you keep the same consistent and professional follow up with each of your transactions, while you focus on your unique ways of growing business. Local, reliable, and personal service for each of your client’s needs is always what Excess team brings to the transaction.


Imagine having a direct chance to do business, sign a contract and can have a chance of listing it with your profile for 3 months?


Let us help you grow your inventory with best properties available in the market! Contact us to book a free call with our sales agents and know what we can do for you!

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