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In order to urge listings within the prime markets in US and Canada, a real estate agent needs a powerful network, reputation, the promise of mass-marketing to the correct people and a series of opulent perks.

ExcessRealty help you solving all such riddles, our experiences agents (who are trained by licensed agents) engaged on amassing listings in smaller areas that are additional stricken by economic downswing could decrease commissions and leverage the high visibility of the internet to assist attract cash-strapped sellers. Our trained agents have personal contacts and business networks to create new clients and attract listings.

We also use the ways of warm calling and cold calling to pull in leads for listings. Offering to do a marketing research on local properties is one way our agents find sellers ready to talk about options. Sending out a weekly newsletter, sharing social media updates, furthermore as contacting friends and associates regularly through the phone and email to talk about the possibility of doing business, is a reliable strategy for maximizing warm leads.

ExcessRealty sales team produce sturdy relationships with consumers by representing listings in an honest way and helping them find a property appropriate for their needs.

If only buying a property is simple as signing on the dotted line. However there can be complicated conditions or clauses, confusing legal terminology, investigation and disclosure requirements, lengthy insurance forms, consistently changing mortgage rules. The list of procedure and documents goes on. Regardless how complex things get, ExcessRealty help you get through it all.


A Smart Move!

By working with ExcessRealty you can maximize property’s visibility and traffic online. ExcessRealty highlights your home’ best qualities, include professional photos, videos and more. We help realtors with potential residential buyer and sellers and provide realtor contact details with them, to enter the market at the right time, analyze market trends and provide advice on current pricing in the market. When it comes to making the most important purchase of your life, don’t guess on price. Get the expert advice of ExcessRealtycorp.com

Whether you are a First Time Home Buyer, or someone who has been through the process many times, we will work to make your real estate transaction as stress free as possible. Our vast knowledge in the Real Estate Market and geographical area, will pay huge dividends in your favor. Whether you are buying or selling home and need some advice we have home buying and selling Tips for you. We sell both MLS Listings and Exclusive listings, we have a large selection of property for Sale all over US and Canada, some of which you will not find on MLS. If you are looking for a Real Estate Broker that will work hard to find your dream home, or market the sale of your home through the latest tools and technologies, like photography and Social Media Marketing, look no further. Visit ExcessRealty on a regular basis where you will find it very convenient to search Real Estate Listings.  Your MLS Real Estate Listings search could not be simple. So if you are looking for Houses for Sale in anywhere in US and Canada call us first. We also set you up in our system to receive Real Estate Listings by email as new MLS Listings come on the market, call us today! Whether you are just looking for Home Buying Tips, or Home Selling Tips, we would love to hear from you.

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